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Process oriented Syllabus —A process oriented syllabus focuses on the skills and processes involved in learning language. —It focuses on the processes of learning. —Process-oriented syllabuses are developed as a result of a sense of failure in product-oriented syllabuses to enhance communicative language skills. 5.

Process oriented vs goal oriented

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If you are “process-oriented,” this means it is very important for you to do things right rather than to do anything just for the sake of getting to the result faster. A process oriented person is one who misses the trees for the woods, and just the opposite for a goal oriented person For me, however, it’s always the process oriented person, because if you can learn appreciating the small things, and start re Process oriented vs goal oriented; The process oriented vs result oriented dimension is concerned with the effectiveness of the organization. A key feature of a process oriented culture is the means or rather the way in which work has to be conducted. While in a result oriented culture, emphasis is placed on the goals of the organization. Glee Club – Results Oriented vs. Process Oriented Approaches Glee Club – Results Oriented vs.

As you can guess Sue Sylvester follows the Results Oriented approach. Note: This is a digest version of a longer essay on goal-setting, the 3rd installment in a 4-part series.

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The goals are to get things done and don’t get overwhelmed while using time wisely. Question: Are you goal-oriented, task-oriented, or both? While process-driven people are crazy to get themselves follow the process to reach their goal, they don’t bother about setting their timeline long-term. They get frustrated when they are told to do something off rules.

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Process oriented vs goal oriented

—It focuses on the processes of learning. —Process-oriented syllabuses are developed as a result of a sense of failure in product-oriented syllabuses to enhance communicative language skills.

Process oriented vs goal oriented

In order to improve, you must focus on the process or plan, not on the goal. For outcome-oriented tennis players, goal attainment is an end point. For process-oriented players, goal attainment is simply a milepost on the Process-oriented individuals will be more geared towards continuing an activity that they are working on, so as to maintain the smooth flow towards a goal. The result-oriented person will keep the end-result in mind, as they go through the procedure at various speeds. The way you describe result-oriented thinking does add some validity to it.
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Process oriented vs goal oriented

Result-oriented people can be closed off to any way but their own Goals create Performance goals also track progress, while outcome goals are the literal and figurative finish line. When it comes to race-focused athletes, three leading sports psychologists agree that setting process- and performance-oriented goals is far more beneficial and sustainable than getting hung up on outcome-oriented goals.

For example, you have two individuals whose goal is to become a black belt. Individual number one is goal-oriented and will take karate lessons until he or she acquires the desired rank. Individual number two is process-oriented.
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Easy to envision. You’ve no doubt heard all that The Organic Nature of Goal Orientation. You may have thought that you were taught or trained to be goal-oriented.

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Sadhguru talks about goal orientation and process orien To discourage being goal-oriented because you encourage being process-oriented is a short-sighted and incomplete approach. The idea that you shouldn’t set goals doesn’t even make sense.